GiNET Vietnam is the leading insurance broker in the market with over 10 years of experience in the industry,providing high-quality insurance solutions and services for individuals and businesses.



Production and business activities or daily life always involvepotential risks and can cause huge losses to individuals and businesses. Therefore, we always endeavor to offer optimal solutions to protect businesses as well as individuals against risks to ensure daily business and production activities.

Focusing on bringing the highest values to clients: Our highly-qualified and vastly-experienced consultants always offer the most effective solutions according to the actual situation of each business. Helping businesses be protected in a comprehensive and optimal way.

Risk assessment and management

Our team of experts in many fields enables us tohave vast knowledge and provide the best assessments and solutions to help clients control risks.

Insurance design and placement

Professionalism & extensive expertise are the basis for customers to trust in standard insurance plans designed and arranged by GiNET.

Claims settlement consultancy

Clients’ interests are always guaranteed at the highest level. This is manifested by extensive knowledge and close cooperation with partners in the market.

Training & legal advice

Professional training, updated information on market and legal environment will help clients proactively manage and operate insurance plans.

Service value of GiNET

  • The most competitive insurance premium
  • The most suitable and widest scope of cover
  • Saving costs and manpower
  • Being provided with training and guidance on deployment
  • Providing advice and support to settle claims properly and completely
  • Advice offered free of charge

Who are our clients?

Individual clients

Health insurance, auto insurance, travel insurance, private home insurance products, etc.

Corporate clients

Property insurance, fire and explosion insurance, liability insurance, machinery and equipment insurance, cargo insurance, etc.


Construction & erection insurance, liability insurance, contractors' plant andmachinery insurance, etc.


We are a reliable partner, cooperating closely with all insurers operating in Vietnam’s insurance market.
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